Quality Policy

Quality Policy

NGE is committed to provide highest quality service to our clients by exceeding their expectations through active involvement. Our aim is to
provide most efficient and accurate services to the total satisfaction of

  • Our clients by:

    Monitoring the progress of each project/job efficiently and controlling the execution by adapting and implementing the latest project management practices.
    Providing regular training to our staff in all aspects of quality, safety, health and environmental care, reliability at the core of all aspects of our business and strive for continuous improvement.
    Establishing a frame work for fast and east adaptation to changing industry trends and requirements. Communicating that quality is the
    responsibility of every employee and every function. Developing meaningful and widespread employee involvement, team work and personal.


  • Goal

    The quality of our products and our services and processes is of key importance for the successful future of our company and to help the customer to reach his targets. We strive to win and increase the trust of our customers in our company through offering our products and our services on time.


  • Guide lines for Implementation

    To reach the above described objectives, following guidelines are applied to assure that our quality policy is realized.
    The process approach management system is in lieu to the requirements of the 20 standard elements of the Norm ISO 9001 and to a great extent takes into account the requirements of the Norm Revision 2000.
    Persons at all levels are aware of the necessity to reach a high quality standard for our Products and/or services. All internal processes are subject to continuous improvement in order to reach shorter through-put times, avoid unnecessary costs and improve quality.
    Each year Falcon Logistics Co sets enhanced quality objectives. Courses and on job training ensure the reach ability of these goals. The design of our products is based on well substantiated market analysis and is aimed to meet our customers’ requirements for first class performance, highest quality, best possible user friendliness and optimal costs over the entire product lifetime. Our suppliers are our partners. We share with them our know-how to enable them to meet our quality requirements at all times.